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Website Accessibility Statement

The website you are currently using aims to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and meet the guidelines of two different standards:

  1. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

  2. Level AAA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

By meeting the above guidelines in our content, design, and development, we strive to exceed expectations and go beyond the standard. Most government and education websites aim to meet level AA of the WCAG guidelines, while many business websites are typically only in compliance with WCAG level A.

Below, we’ve outlined the different ways our site meets web accessibility best practices:

Accessibility Control Panel

Our accessibility control panel is located at the top of our website and allows you to control a number of visual elements to create a custom website viewing experience that adheres specifically to your needs. Use the control panel to:


The measure of a web page’s usability by persons with one or more disabilities.

  • Adjust text size

  • Adjust the color contrast

  • Disable all stylesheets

  • Access our site glossary

  • View our accessibility statement (this page)

Screen Reader Compliant

Our website is fully accessible and navigable by screen reader softwares. This compliance includes:

  • A text alternative for every visual item on the website, including photos, illustrations, icons, and animations

  • Ability to skip past site navigation to main page content

  • Internal links are all given with context to make clear what page they are pointing to

  • External links are all denoted as such to make clear following the link will result in you leaving the current site

  • Form fields have descriptive labels (and where necessary, placeholder text to provide additional instructions)

  • Errors in filling out forms are clearly described

  • Page titles and headers clearly describe the content under them (our aim here is clarity, not creativity)

  • Logical orders of all headers and section titles

Keyboard Compliant

Our website is fully navigable by keyboard controls alone. All page content, navigation elements, forms, and slider elements can be accessed through keyboard controls. A high-contrast, orange ring appears around the selected area.


  • Use the “tab” key to navigate forward through a page

  • Hold down “shift” and press “tab” to navigate backward through a page

  • Use the “enter” key when selecting a link to advance forward to the linked page


Website Glossary

We have provided a website glossary for use on our site. The glossary can be found in the Accessibility Control Panel. You can also click here to view the website glossary.

The website glossary defines abbreviations and unfamiliar terms used on our site. Because we work in a technical industry, many non-technical users may need assistance with some of our terminology.

Please contact us if there is another term you find on our site that you would like defined.


Accessible Content

Our website has content designed to be clear and understandable. This commitment includes:

  • Defining abbreviations on their first use on an individual page

  • Headers that describe the page content below instead of using creative taglines

  • All hyperlinks provide enough context to inform users of what they are linking to


Accessible Design

The graphic design of this website takes into account the needs of different users to create an accessible visual experience. We maintained a commitment to accessible design through a variety of decisions:

  • Buttons are larger than typical modern web design

  • Tap targets, particularly in the navigation, are large enough to accommodate users with varying levels of dexterity

  • High contrast between text and background, with the option to increase the contrast within the accessibility control panel

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